Amity Circle Tree Ranch Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Recovery. For over 35 years offering an alternative approach to addiction and trauma recovery with a holisic difference. We welcome individuals and Families with Children, cultural sensitivty, Gambling, Sex and food Addictions. Sophisticated treatment for those who have failed with other treatment attempts. Call 800.381.3318 to enroll today"
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Finding Sanctuary at Circle Tree Ranch

Cultures throughout the ages have had spaces, places and ceremonies that represent sanctuary.
The establishment of sanctuary was a prerequisite for healing, vision, celebration and transition. Sanctuary is not a space without boundaries. It is a psychological space supported by a physical environment where boundaries were created with the intent of repelling the lower forces of our nature, and inviting that which is sacred, and authentic to enter.    — Naya Arbiter

Amity's Circle Tree Ranch Virtual Tour

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At Circle Tree Ranch residential substance abuse treatment center individuals find a physical and emotional climate which provides an astounding contrast to the world of addiction and hopelessness in which the chemically dependant person has lived.
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