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When I arrived at Circle Tree Ranch the depth of my despair and hopeless was so great that I had no longer cared if I lived or died. I had overdosed on prescription drugs and alcohol twice within the tens days prior to my arrival. I had suffered from severe depression most of my life. Since my 20’s I had been treated by doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, was labeled with a variety of diagnosis, and was prescribed all types and combinations of medication. Nothing helped. The alcoholism and drug addiction began in my 30’s as a way to numb the emotional pain. On the outside I appeared to have it together, but inside I was shattered, fearful, and lost. Eventually my life began to unravel. Over the next 12 years I was in emergency rooms, hospitals, detox centers, and numerous drug and alcohol rehabs. No one could derail me from my path of self destruction until I found Circle Tree Ranch. The sense of safety and sanctuary I felt in the Circle Tree Ranch community, the curriculum that helped guide me through the underlying issues at the core of my addiction, and the sense of belonging and the lasting friendships that developed, saved my life. The faculty both challenged me and gave me the support I needed to find my voice and to articulate the repressed memories, feelings of abandonment and betrayal, trauma and loss that were silenced so many years ago. As layer after layer was revealed and given voice, the depression lifted. The Circle Tree Ranch community was the antidote, and I found I no longer needed medication. The faculty at Circle Tree Ranch believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and surrounded me when others had given up hope. Today I am a woman with self respect, dignity and vision. Relationships I thought were lost have been restored. I cherish my life, and will be forever grateful for what Circle Tree Ranch has given me and my family. — A Circle Tree Ranch Alumnus

I started smoking and drinking at 10 years old. By 12 I was smoking crack, selling drugs, getting arrested, getting suspended from school, and expelled from school districts. What started out as fun and games quickly turned into my demise. My negative behaviors continued into my adult life and I couldn’t understand why everything continued falling apart. No matter how much I tried to succeed, I couldn’t shake the drug habit or the attraction to the lifestyle that follows. I got kicked out of treatment centers. The relationships with my family were strained. I couldn’t stay clean. I couldn’t stay out of jail. This is when I came to Amity Circle Tree Ranch. When I got here I expected it to be just like every other place. I thought to myself “I know the 12-steps inside and out, and I still can’t stay clean”. Circle Tree Ranch was different. The curriculum made me take a hard look at how my actions affect others around me. It made me stop and analyze my thought process and the behaviors behind the drug use. As I started changing the behaviors and building positive friendships with my peers, stopping the drug use just kind of followed naturally. This was the first place that didn’t give up on me no matter how many mistakes I made. I couldn’t explain it. Circle Tree Ranch wasn’t just another treatment center- this place really changed my life. The family program here really helped restore the relationship with my family and brought back the trust that had been eroding away for so long. The curriculum here really broadened my vision and taught me about a lot of things about the world, not just myself. The workshops and retreats were a great way to foster the friendships that I started building here. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to Amity for giving me my life and my family back. — A Circle Tree Ranch Alumnus

After years of struggling with my drug and alcohol addiction I ended up at Amity Circle Tree Ranch. When I arrived I felt like a failure. My self esteem and self worth were so low that I felt that I wasn’t any good to anyone. These feelings kept me in my addiction. Living in the Circle Tree Ranch community, participating in groups, and working through the curriculum I learned that I’m not a failure; I have value as a person and I have something to offer the community. I learned to love and care about myself and others. I no longer felt alone. As I listened to other peoples stories I found they shared parts of my story. For the first time in my life I felt a sense of belonging which built my self confidence. I became more responsible which is helping me today in the workplace. Circle Tree Ranch gave me a life I never imagined was possible. Thank you Circle Tree Ranch! — A Circle Tree Ranch Alumnus

I am a 28 year old single mother who had a crystal meth addiction for five years. During my addiction I lost my freedom on a couple of occasions, lost my sense of morality, my soul, and the woman I had known my whole life. I was at the end of my rope and time was running out. I wanted to quit using drugs but didn’t know how. I loved my son enough to quit, I loved my family enough to quit, but I didn’t love myself enough to quit the drugs or self destructive behaviors. Through my stay at Circle Tree Ranch I learned something that no other residential rehab had taught me, and that was how to love myself and value my life. What I had never stopped to consider was that I didn’t love myself or care about anything in life, and that was at the core of my addiction. Because of what I learned at Circle Tree Ranch I’ve discovered for the first time that I am a worthwhile person. Today as a graduate of Circle Tree Ranch I have love inside and out. I am a whole complete universal woman who is now able to take care of herself and her son. — A Circle Tree Ranch Alumnus

I wasn’t much more than a child when I came to Circle Tree Ranch 16 years ago. I was abused and abandoned, with no home, no family, no love, and no future. During my stay I found my voice; I found a sense of home and friendship that would carry me through life. I’ve returned 16 years later to the only place I’ve ever called home to give back the essential tools that saved my life. Circle Tree Ranch taught me that recovery is a life long process. It is important to stay connected to my friends, my “family” at Circle Tree Ranch as I have grown and changed in my journey through life. In returning to this community I’ve found the only thing different after 16 years is that I am now the solid woman Circle Tree Ranch taught me to be. I am truly grateful for all that was given to me, and for that I am committed to do the same for other people. I want to be a role model for others who are struggling. I want to give them the hope that they can change their lives forever as my life has been changed. — A Circle Tree Ranch Alumnus



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