Amity Circle Tree Ranch Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Recovery. For over 35 years offering an alternative approach to addiction and trauma recovery with a holisic difference. We welcome individuals and Families with Children, cultural sensitivty, Gambling, Sex and food Addictions. Sophisticated treatment for those who have failed with other treatment attempts. Call 800.381.3318 to enroll today"
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What Our Parents Are Saying About Circle Tree Ranch

“Watching our daughter lose control of her life with the use of drugs was devastating. We were lucky to learn about Amity’s Circe Tree Ranch on the internet. The holistic approach to treatment was exactly what our daughter needed. She has learned to take responsibility for her addictive behavior; to ‘do’ treatment rather than passively receive treatment. The transformation of our daughter from someone with an addiction, to someone that cares about herself and cares about others has been remarkable!”

“Today, one year after our son arrived at Circle Tree Ranch, we know he finally found the right place. The philosophy behind their approach to treatment is the only one that has proven to work for our son. He learned to take control of his life, and has regained the self-esteem he once had. We are thankful to have our son back, and we once again have hope.”

“We highly recommend Circle Tree Ranch for anyone who is experiencing a drug or alcohol addiction. We feel Circle Tree Ranch saved our daughter’s life. Our daughter was given the tools to become honest about her past mistakes and learn how to overcome them. The family groups gave us great insight, direction and support. We will always be grateful for what Circle Tree Ranch has given our family.”

“Two and one half years after arriving at Circle Tree Ranch our daughter continues to be drug and alcohol free. Circle Tree Ranch was a place for our daughter to help her self and take control of her life, which we found out is the only way to gain lasting recovery from drugs, and create self-worth. We are grateful for all the help and support of the Circle Tree Ranch faculty. Today our daughter is a woman with integrity, self-respect, and a vision for herself and her future.”

“We watched helplessly as our son  became involved with drugs as an adolescent, and despite all of our efforts, and numerous ‘placements’, he went on to continue to use and to mess up his life over and over as an adult.  When we found Circle Tree Ranch on the internet we were desperate, and it seemed like it was different from other treatment centers.  Our son has now completed the program at Circle Tree Ranch, and despite some setbacks, his level of maturity is so dramatically different it is like meeting a different person.  He has a job, a good relationship, he attends 12 Step meetings, and he laughs a lot.  He is confident that he will never need to go to another program again---and so are we.”

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What Our Alumni are Saying
What Our Parents are Saying
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What Our Parents Are Saying About Circle Tree Ranch
What Our Parents Are Saying About Circle Tree Ranch
Testimonials from Amity Circle Tree Ranch, Alumni on their suceess in residential drug and alcohol rehab
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