Amity Circle Tree Ranch Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Recovery. For over 35 years offering an alternative approach to addiction and trauma recovery with a holisic difference. We welcome individuals and Families with Children, cultural sensitivty, Gambling, Sex and food Addictions. Sophisticated treatment for those who have failed with other treatment attempts. Call 800.381.3318 to enroll today"
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A Family ProblemApprehensionA Safe Environment
Apprehension Apprehension A Safe Environment

What Our Alumni are Saying
What Our Parents are Saying
What Our Students are Saying
Alumni Video Testimonials
Parent Video Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

“In other places, I only touched the surface.  I did not like who I was, I felt dead inside. I was masking the problems with drugs.  I did not figure that out until I got to Amity.”
“I had very low self esteem and my drug use was out of control; I felt like a failure. Amity helped me to identify the hole I was trying to fill with drugs and alcohol.”
“When I came to Amity, I knew right away that this was a different place.  It was nothing I had ever felt before.” 
“For me alcohol is a poison.  Amity came at the right time in my life.  It was my last chance.  I learned how to be a better person, a better man and a better husband.  Now I can actually see life in front of me, when before there was no hope.”
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