Amity Circle Tree Ranch Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Recovery. For over 35 years offering an alternative approach to addiction and trauma recovery with a holisic difference. We welcome individuals and Families with Children, cultural sensitivty, Gambling, Sex and food Addictions. Sophisticated treatment for those who have failed with other treatment attempts. Call 800.381.3318 to enroll today"
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A Typical Day at Circle Tree Ranch Residential Rehab

Circle Tree Ranch is innovative in providing a variety of addiction rehabilitation methods throughout each day. A typical day begins with morning wake ups followed by time to prepare for the day and attend to housekeeping of personal areas. Students are encouraged to participate in an early morning walk followed by a delicious breakfast served in our beautiful dining rooms. The day then unfolds with a gathering of the entire community, hosted by a rotating group of students. An important aspect of drug addiction recovery is time for personal affirmations, acknowledgements, and expressions of gratitude. Students develop a vocabulary of affection and affirmation rather than a language based on negative behaviors. It takes no skill to notice what is wrong, but it takes great skill to be able to recognize the strengths, goodness, possibilities, talents, and courageous actions made by students and faculty members. The community gatherings play an important role in establishing a culture of open communication which is critical to the substance abuse rehabilitation process. These daily gatherings foster trust, build confidence, and allow students to develop their voice.

Students in each lodge are assigned weekly roles and “role playing”, which may include “good Samaritan”, “good rapper”, “linguist”, “social activist” or the “big brother/big sister” roles. In order to successfully navigate through the life experience it is important to engage in role development. Playing roles is a method used in chemical dependency treatment as it connects people to one another and affirms our humanity.

There are rotating schedules for each week throughout the month. This creates a variety of educational, recreational, social, spiritual and work related activities in addition to our drug and alcohol recovery programs of study. Students are assigned jobs for part of each week or day depending upon the daily schedule. This allows students to develop sustained responsibility within the community. These jobs can include but are not limited to community management (student government) landscaping, woodworking, kitchen and meal preparation or serving of meals to community, maintenance of our gracious dining rooms, cultural arts, recreation, graphic arts, office assistance, answering phones or attending the reception desk to welcome people to announce arrivals of guests and visitors at the front gate.

At noon the entire community breaks for lunch in our dining rooms. The community gathers briefly following lunch before resuming the activities scheduled for the remainder of the day. Depending upon the weekly schedule, the morning and afternoon sessions will rotate to include: seminars on a variety of addiction rehabilitation topics, curriculum circles focusing on underlying causes and consequences of alcoholism and chemical dependency, or extra curricular classes like parenting or cultural arts classes.

Curriculum sessions, seminars, workshops, family support groups, parenting classes, one on one sessions and other specialized substance abuse recovery activities are woven throughout each day and week. Groups may be called at any time of the day as long as pre-approved by a faculty member to assist students who may be having personal crisis, peer conflict, or need to express thoughts and feelings with their peers in their process of addiction recovery and change. Group interventions create mutually supportive relationships among students and faculty.

The whole community gathers for dinner followed by an evening community gathering, in which everyone has the opportunity for affirmations and to make campus or community announcements In addition, the schedule of activities for the following day is communicated at evening gathering. Evening activities and seminars vary and often include additional curriculum circles or therapy groups, a curriculum movie followed by discussion, or a cultural or creative event. The day closes most evenings by 10 PM at which time students are asked to be in their rooms.

Weekends often include special property focus projects, hosting open house, celebrating holidays from cultures all over the world, and recognizing current events taking place in the world. Church and family visits are offered on Sundays. Students may participate in a nature hike on one of the many spectacular trails near the Ranch, or attend extra-curricular activities with their lodge including volleyball, basketball, ice-skating, movies, softball and swimming. They also have opportunities to attend cultural events such as theatre, plays, operas, classical concerts or museum tours. Drug and alcohol recovery is facilitated by the development of new positive experiences and learning to have fun in sobriety.

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A typical week at Amity Circle Tree Ranch Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab
A typical week at Amity Circle Tree Ranch Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab
A typical week at Amity Circle Tree Ranch Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab   A typical week at Amity Circle Tree Ranch Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab  
A typical week at Amity Circle Tree Ranch Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab
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