Amity Circle Tree Ranch Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Recovery. For over 35 years offering an alternative approach to addiction and trauma recovery with a holisic difference. We welcome individuals and Families with Children, cultural sensitivty, Gambling, Sex and food Addictions. Sophisticated treatment for those who have failed with other treatment attempts. Call 800.381.3318 to enroll today"
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Treating Trauma and Recovery at Amity Circle Tree Ranch

At Circle Tree Ranch we understand that often chemical dependency and other addictive or self-destructive behaviors are related to overwhelming experiences of exposure to abusive power, physical and sexual abuse, disabling losses and disrupted attachment, usually beginning in childhood. Since the 1980’s Circle Tree Ranch has evolved the traditional therapeutic community to be an environment that is physically and psychologically safe; an environment where parents in recovery can bring their young children. There has been a focus on dealing with all aspects of the addicted woman or man, including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The trauma-sensitive culture at Circle Tree Ranch includes the direct involvement of the faculty, students and family members in the community.

The strong emphasis on “community as method” at Circle Tree Ranch encourages acceptance and belonging in order to break the cycle of isolation and exclusion that is common to struggling individuals, especially those dealing with trauma issues. The curriculum and daily activities are constructed to promote each student’s self-esteem and sense of self worth. Our holistic treatment approach supports a student’s participation in their own evolution through physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual development.

The Extensions Curriculum utilized by Circle Tree Ranch provides integrated addiction treatment for individuals suffering from the dual effects of chemical dependency and trauma, abuse, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Compulsive behaviors, post-traumatic symptoms, or unresolved sexual trauma are often the cause of relapse in individuals who have completed other traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Our curriculum focuses on assisting students in separating their identities from their symptoms. The faculty is compassionate, and attention is given to assisting students in developing emotional literacy, respect for themselves and others, and a language of affirmation and affection rather than power and control.

The Trauma Sensitive Culture at Circle Tree Ranch:

  • Culture of Non-Violence – Helping to create a safe environment and a commitment to higher goals.
  • Culture of Emotional Intelligence – Helping to understand and articulate feelings and emotions in order to respond rather than react.
  • Culture of Shared Governance - Helping to develop civic skills of self-control, self-discipline, and healthy autonomy.
  • Culture of Inquiry and Social Learning - Helping to build cognitive skills.
  • Culture of Open Communication - Helping to overcome barriers to healthy communication, reduce acting-out, enhance self-protective and self-correcting skills and teach healthy boundaries.
  • Culture of Social Responsibility - Helping to re-build social connections and establish healthy attachment relationships.
  • Culture of Growth and Change -Helping to restore hope, meaning, purpose.

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Treating Trauma at Amity Circle Tree Ranch
Treating Trauma at Amity Circle Tree Ranch
Treating Trauma at Amity Circle Tree Ranch   Treating Trauma at Amity Circle Tree Ranch  
Treating Trauma at Amity Circle Tree Ranch
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